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The sequel to the Amber Allure Best Seller A King's Ransom... Luke, prince and heir to the Samari kingdom, may have survived kidnapping by pirates and an assassination attempt, but now that he's returned home, his troubles are just beginning. His cousin Darrin, who's ruled as regent in Luke's absence, has made himself comfortable on the throne and doesn't want to give it up. Luke's court and his countrymen refuse to accept Conall, the pirate husband that Luke has brought home. And Nume, the Ilian princess Luke was supposed to marry, has been sent across the seas with a retinue of ambassadors to insist that Luke honor their betrothal. With his sister, Addy, becoming closer to Nume every day, Conall growing restless without a ship to sail or men to command, and the threat of political disaster hanging over their heads if Luke can't figure out a way to appease the Ilians without forsaking the man he loves, Luke's scrambling just to keep his head above water. And someone in his court . . .

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