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Christmas has the power to bring people together...­families, friends, and especially lovers. A Very Romantic Christmas reaches across time and space to remind us that the holidays are about love and connection. Settle in with a plate of Christmas cookies and some hot tea, tune to a carol-­only radio station, and indulge in this holiday treat. No matter what the weather, this collection will transport you into the very heart of the season.­A Very Romantic Christmas contains two full-­length books and two novellas.­BLUE CHRISTMAS by Lorraine Bartlett: Christmas seems to have lost all its magic for Judi Straub. She's facing another Blue Christmas. Her boss takes her for granted, her parents have passed away, her siblings are so busy with their exciting lives that they ignore their lonely sister. Friends were usually too caught up in their own holiday madness to see her. Then, late one December, rather magically, she wins an almost-­all-­expenses-­paid trip to Puerto Rico. Sun,...

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A Christmas Spirit by LaVerne Thompson A few weeks before Christmas and an unprecedented snowstorm had Kali going off the road and right into a coma. But when she came out of it sexy Dr. Devin Tanner was there to nurse her back to health. But was she a convenience or could there be something more Devin wanted to meet Kali for months and with the season of miracles upon them he was taking her presence in his house as the gift it was. But could he convince her to stay beyond the season Christmas Present from the Past by Eve Tesoro Logan's lover left him an emotional cripple after walking out on him not once but twice. His sister Ava determined to bring her brother happiness used her powers of witchcraft to find the perfect man for him. When Gareth appeared, Logan got more than he bargained for. Snowlines Visitor " Arise of the Guardians Series, Book 1 by Scarlet Hunter Olivia thought her life was over when her father promised her in marriage to someone twenty years her senior. Who . . .

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