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My name is Alice Light and I used to be a dull, dull girl. That changed one night when I followed a beautiful man dressed in white into an alley, kissed him until I fell at his feet, and ended up in violent, bloody world called Wonderland. Now I'm a pampered pet locked in a pretty cage and I belong to that same man who led me here. White haired and red eyed, Petrus is Chief Executioner for the Red Queen who finds much satisfaction in his work. He's also a sadistic man who loves to chase me throughout his enchanted mansion just so he can catch me and take me to his dungeon. Petrus has just gotten back from service. His eyes have that look that tells me I'm in for a long, hard night under his talented hand. I can't wait... WARNING This 8,­800 word short story explores BDSM themes in graphic detail.

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