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"Just because there's snow on the roof, doesn't mean the fire's gone out in the furnace.­" There's something to be said for maturity and experience, and in all of these relationships, at least one of the lovers is over forty. Whether it's a MayDecember romance, a second chance at love, or finding a soul mate later in life, these stories prove that it's never too late for love. Stories Included are iNachos on Saturday iby J. Leigh Bailey iQueening Out iby Mari Donne iGranddad's Cup of Tea iby Amy Durreson iThe Way to a Fisherman's Heart iby Tray Ellis iNo Place Like Home iby Kim Fielding iIvory Black, Flecked with White iby Laylah Hunter iLoving Again iby John Inman iFull Circle iby Rhidian Brenig Jones iStraight Shooting iby Maggie Lee iHero Worship iby Sam C. Leonhard iCurtain Calls iby Pinkie Rae Parker iThe Bodyguard's Dilemma iby Chris Scully iPicture This iby Dottie Stratton & Linda James iHunting Season iby AC Valentine iWaiting for the Light iby Layla M. Wier

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