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The New York Times and USA Today bestselling series continues in the explosive sixth part Enigmatic billionaire Jeremiah Hamilton plucked twentyfour year old Lucy Delacourt from an existence spiraling down into darkness. Seduced and brought into the extravagant lifestyle of the rich and powerful, Lucy was swept up into the highest highs, and experienced dangerous lows, but always there was her billionaire protector. Safe in his arms, she thought for sure her life had finally found the right track. Until she couldnt hold back saying those three little words, and found out how fragile her new position was. Her affections spurned by the man she loves, the dejected young woman is kidnapped from Jeremiahs home and discovers more about another facet of the Hamilton family legacy. Lucas Hamilton, known in darker company as Loki, is an arms dealer and Jeremiah's brother. He needs Lucy for his own purposes, but makes it no secret that he wants to get back at his brother any way he can for . . .

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