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Lady Penelope Lennox always considered herself destined for life as a nun, and she
is shocked when her father arranges for her to marry Lord Alton Westcott, a man
she’s never met. Determined to avoid the sinful pleasures of the world,
Penelope decides to do the unthinkable. In the hope that persistent disobedience
will force her future husband to send her back to the convent, she will put
aside her meek demeanor and defy him at every opportunity.

Westcott’s insatiable appetite for the fairer sex and his finely-­honed skill in
the bedchamber are both well-­known, but after years of avoiding marriage, his desire
for a lasting love leads him to look beyond the jaded women of his social
circle. His particular tastes demand a young lady unspoiled by the world, one
suitable to become not only his wife but his little girl as well.

unruly behavior offers Lord Westcott the perfect opportunity to take her in
hand, and it isn’t long before the beautiful, . . .

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When a young woman calling herself Wilhelmina James shows
up at his town’s horse auction unescorted with a lot of sass and a lot of cash,
Gage Chandler instantly gets a bad feeling about her. He’s about to blow the
small town of Red Horse Gulch to join the US Marshal’s office, and this mysterious
visitor is a headache he doesn’t need. After he agrees to check out the pretty blonde
stranger to appease a local rancher left angry at being outbid, what Gage finds
out about Wilhelmina quickly confirms that she is up to no good. But when she
gives him the slip and goes on the run it changes both of their lives forever.

Once he catches up with the little firebrand, it
isn’t long before she is over his knee for a hard spanking. As the sexual
tension between marshal and outlaw reaches a fever pitch, Gage finds that Wilhelmina’s
deep need for submission meshes with his own buried desire to completely
dominate a woman, and soon enough he has taken her as much more than just his
prisoner. . . .

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Augustus Bron, Commander of the Traoian Iron Guard, has never approved of the
practice of capturing human women and training them to serve the rich and
powerful of his world. He knows, however, that success in politics is all but
impossible without the social status granted by ownership of a human pet, and
with his planet in desperate need of new leadership he sees little choice but
to obtain one for himself.

she pieces together a connection between five missing women, reporter Phaedra
Ellis knows she is onto something big, but before she can go public with her
story she is taken from her apartment in the middle of the night and brought to
a facility unlike anything she has ever seen before. To her shock, Phaedra is informed that she is no longer on Earth, and
more disturbing still, she is now the property of a huge, powerful alien warrior
who will not hesitate to bare her bottom and spank her soundly should she dare
to disobey him.

After an intimate, deeply . . .

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Benedict Crane and Thomas Allard are Victorian London’s foremost experts on
curing sexual frigidity in women, and their intensely humiliating but highly
effective techniques have helped them build a thriving practice. But when they
embark on a new course of scientific inquiry—a study of possible treatments for
wanton female behavior—Benedict and Thomas must seek out a suitable subject for
their research.

to an institution and incorrectly diagnosed with acute nymphomania after being
falsely accused of promiscuity by a powerful judge, eighteen-­year-­old Lucy
Priven has no idea what to expect when she is removed from the asylum by two
handsome doctors. After taking Lucy as their legal ward, Benedict and Thomas soon
demonstrate both their concern for her health and their willingness to chastise
her firmly for any attempts to interfere with her treatment.

their surprise, however, it quickly becomes apparent that Lucy has been
misdiagnosed. A thorough, intimate . . .

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Twenty-­five-­year-­old Ellie Brewer’s abandonment by her father has been a source of sadness throughout her life, and when he rejects her appeal for help as an adult she is hurt all over again. Feeling lost and hopeless, she volunteers for a paid study being conducted by Professor William Ashworth on the topic of young women who lack a strong father figure in their lives.­William’s interest in this particular subject is not merely academic, and he is instantly intrigued by Ellie. He has always hoped to one day find a woman who would benefit from being nurtured and dominated by a loving daddy, and from the moment she steps into his office it is obvious that she is in desperate need of exactly the kind of attention and affection he would offer, not to mention the firm but loving correction he would apply to her bare bottom as often as necessary.­Ellie is shocked when she learns the details of William’s planned research, but with her attempts to hold down a job going awry one after . . .

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the nations of Earth collapse into chaos amid a steadily worsening
environmental catastrophe, Iris makes the choice to leave her dying world
behind. Fortunately, the far-­off planet of TraoX39 is in need of brides, and
she has been promised a suitable match upon her arrival.

Iris is introduced to the two handsome Trogarian warriors who will be her new
husbands, she quickly discovers that their culture is quite different from her
own. It does not take long for her to realize, however, that these men will
love her, honor her, and give their lives to defend her if necessary.

as she grows more familiar with her new home, Iris begins to realize that not
all is as it seems on TraoX39. The Trogarians have enemies, and soon her
adopted people are caught in a trap set by men as powerful as they are evil. Can
she help set things right before it is too late?

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a bittersweet homecoming for Major Royce Kingsley, who returns from a military
campaign to find his family’s proud reputation damaged by the actions of a
disinherited brother. But Royce still has his estate, his fortune, and most
importantly, his honor. So when a rare moment of indiscretion on his part ends
in the drunken seduction of a beautiful, innocent innkeeper’s daughter, he sets
out to do the right thing and take the young woman as his wife.

Imogen vowed long ago that she would never make the mistake her mother did by
trusting a man—any man—to treat her kindly. When Royce informs her that he is
going to marry her, her first instinct is to resist. But Royce is not a man to
be put off from doing what he believes is right, and Imogen’s defiance merely
earns her a painful, embarrassing bare-­bottom spanking from the handsome

quickly realizes that Imogen is in desperate need of both firm-­handed discipline
and gentle, loving care, and he . . .

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Getting dumped for her best friend marks a low point in Tiffany Barlow’s life, and the break-­up does more than shake her confidence. A few hurtful words from her ex are enough to leave her wondering if, as a plus-­sized woman, she’s too big for anyone to want as a submissive. After moving across the country with the aim of starting over, Tiffany is determined to get in shape and begin a new life.
As far as Lance Sawyer is concerned, the full-­figured girl who shows up for a trial membership at his gym is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. When Tiffany leaves in a snit after a misunderstanding, he’s determined to make things right, and he offers her his services as a personal trainer. But this will be a very special form of training…
Lance is no stranger to the age play lifestyle, and in Tiffany he sees a girl with a deep need for total submission. But first she’ll have to get past her misconceptions about her weight, recognize her true beauty, and discover what it really . . .

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After the death of her deeply indebted father, nineteen-­year-­old Abigail Barrow faces a hard future in the workhouses of nineteenth-­century London. Her only hope lies in a marriage to Dr. Simon Abbott, a man whose life her father once saved while they both served in Her Majesty’s Navy. But with no education and no dowry, she can hardly expect the esteemed doctor to agree to the match, especially when her sharp tongue earns her a trip over his knee for a humiliating bare-­bottom spanking during their very first meeting.

The reserved Dr. Abbott has long avoided marriage, knowing that what he seeks in a wife is not easy to find. Abigail’s response to his firm chastisement convinces him that she is just the woman he needs, but she will require training to be a properly submissive wife, and thus before he makes her his bride he decides to bring her into his home as his ward.

On her first day in Simon’s home, Abigail finds herself stripped naked, bathed like a child, and then . . .

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After the tragic death of the man who raised her, twenty-­year-­old Carly Fowler hikes deep into the Alaskan wilderness to scatter his ashes in the forest he spent his life fighting to protect, but her peaceful reverie is shattered by the attack of a grizzly bear. The unexpected intervention of a wolf pack save Carly’s life, but her shock at the situation causes her to lose consciousness, and when she awakens she finds herself in the home of Lakota Longtree.
The ruggedly handsome native and his family nurse her back to health, but when she attempts to return home it soon becomes clear that neither the bear attack nor the death of her adopted father were due to chance. More incredible still, Lakota quickly proves to be no ordinary man. He is a shifter, the leader of one of the last remaining packs in the world, and her father was the only human who knew the truth.
With nowhere else to turn for protection, Carly joins Lakota’s pack, but though she soon finds herself falling in love . . .

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When Emma Fowler anonymously writes her favorite author to tell him how much his books have meant to her, she doesn't expect a reply. But when Alden Fisher not only writes back but seeks to correspond with her further, the introverted fangirl creates a false identity to impress him. Yet as their online relationship deepens, so does Emma's guilt, and when Alden asks to meet she deletes her fake profile and disappears.
Alden is not content with that ending to their story, however, and when he tracks her down and hires her firm to handle the promotional strategy for his next book, Emma finds herself working with the man whose stories she credits with saving her life. But will the real Emma impress him, or was he only in love with a girl she can never be?

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When US Fish and Wildlife Service agent Jordan Rowe is sent to Russia to investigate a bizarre situation in which a huge bear seems to have been smuggled into the United States, she has no idea what is in store for her.
Upon reaching the remote Kamchatka peninsula, Jordan meets wealthy businessman Mikhail Barinov and his cousin Dr. Ivan Kolov, and the two men quickly prove to be as infuriating as they are attractive. But when she learns the truth it turns out to be more shocking than she could have ever imagined. Mikhail and Ivan are among the last of an ancient race capable of shifting at will between man and bear, and they will do whatever is necessary to protect their secret.
As she learns more about their culture, Jordan finds herself falling in love with both Mikhail and Ivan, but can they keep her safe from both man and bear in this dangerous land?

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