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Tattooed men are sexy, right Thats the premise of the eight tales in the Ink anthology. Victoria Sloane opens with The Frayed Line, the story of Dan, who daydreams about the black line on Jonahs back until he finds out whats underneath the ink. Sinner's Star by Elizabeth Brooks is the story of excon Dope, who discovers his best friend Rat isn't dead after all, but Rat has a new tattoo, a .­45, and a grudge against Dope Katherine Halle brings us Kelly, who fantasizes about licking Dwayne's tattoos, and just might get his chance in Come Fly With Me. In Dragon by D.­K. Jernigan, bartender Travis is haunted by a sexy man with a magnificent dragon tattoo. Now Travis just has to find him. Mychael Black's Detective Kris Winters is also looking for a man with a very special tattoo in Secrets. In Pounding Skin by Emily Moreton, Mal's tattoo should confirm his commitment to the army. To his shock, it has far more impact on his life. In Simple Instructions by Zoe Trope & Brendan Adkins, Finn . . .

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