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Blowback a deadly unintended consequence of a covert operation Thirteen years ago, Jamie Hunt sacrificed everything to keep her sister protected and safe. Now she lives alone, works alone, survives alone. When a covert mission goes horribly wrong, suddenly she can trust no one. Not her boss, not her agency, not even herself. Lucas Goodman, former FBI agent turned PI, is on the trail of a missing teenager when his investigation leads him to Jamie. Despite her attempts to ditch him, Lucas tenaciously continues to shadow Jamie, realizing he doesnt just want information...­he wants her. When their investigations collide and her sister is in danger, Jamie is forced to team up with Lucas. Together they must expose the connection between agents murders, a missing teenager, and a sixtyyearold government conspiracy. But can she open her heart to find the truth within the lies BLOWBACK is the first novel in the Black Cipher Files series. The Black Cipher Files is a fastpaced, edgy romance . . .

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