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‘A rich and fascinating book about an overlooked African powerhouse by a travel writer of rare talent.­’ TIM BUTCHER, author of Blood River and Chasing the Devil

Since the end of its crippling 27-­year civil war over a decade ago, Angola has changed almost beyond recognition. An oil-­fuelled bonanza has brought about massive foreign investment and a fabulously wealthy new elite, making its capital, Luanda, the second most expensive city in the world. Today, fortunes are being made and lost overnight, and rich Angolans are eagerly buying up the assets of its former coloniser, Portugal.

Fascinated by this complex nation perched at the forefront of a resurgent Africa, writer Daniel Metcalfe travelled to Angola to explore the country for himself. Ebullient and proud, and often unwilling to dwell on its past, Angola has a large army, a hunger for wealth and a need to prove itself on the continent. But as Metcalfe also discovers, it has some of the most grinding poverty in Africa as . . .

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