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Life Lost Or love, lust, adventure found Soleil is from a world of darkness and thunder, where the cruel, clawed Krexyslatch rules, slaughtering Soleil's people, and driving them to nearextinction. Today is Soleil's birthday, and he desperately wants a female companion. There are few women remaining on his planet, so he ventures to Earth to see whether he can lure one away. It is only when he is delayed that he realizes the woman he has captured may well have gone to her death. Soleil's regrets can do nothing to help Terra survive when she is suddenly, shockingly transported to a world filled with predators. Going from an unchallenging job on Earth to the greatest challenges she has ever faced changes her, and she discovers she has a few rare talents that may just make all the difference to Soleil and his people. Will she embrace this new destiny Yesbut only if it includes embracing Soleil as well.

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