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When a dangerouslooking stranger raps on Lizzie Winsteads door in the middle of a stormy night, the peace of her humdrum life is shattered. Shes shocked to discover her visitor is Captain Edmond Grey, one of the most feared pirates of the realm"and her lost love. Edmond is a wanted man throughout the Colonies, but despite his formidable reputation, he desperately needs her help to nurse his wounded brother back to health. Only Lizzie can be trusted not to turn Edmond over to authorities for the price on his head. Lizzie cant quell the feelings Edmond stirs in her heart or the fire he ignites in her blood. Before long, both succumb to the reckless desire renewed between them. She follows him aboard his pirate ship and sets sail into a world rife with passion and peril. Together they brave fierce battles and frightening storms, determined to discover whether the love they once shared is strong enough to reunite them forever and conquer the demons of Edmonds past.

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