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Scene of the Crime by Ashley Ladd Robin didn't know whether to be relieved or appalled that the sexy man she'd fallen into bed with wasn't her exboyfriend, but his adult son. When Robin returns to her alma mater as a professor of history, she can't believe her exboyfriend is still on campus, much less looking so young and buff after twenty years. The sexyashell man she'd seen on her first day back, however, isn't her ex but his adult son. Although she wants nothing to do with either of them, they won't leave her head or her heart alone. Singapore Sizzle by KS Augustin Sophie Woodward is English, divorced, living in Singapore...­and bored, bored, Bored But is she ready for handsome, exotic, young Adrian Pereira Sophie Woodward moved to Singapore with her banker husband, Tim. But that was years ago. When they got divorced, Tim moved back to the UK and Sophie decided to craft a new life in the modern Asian metropolis. The problem is, things haven't turned out the way she hoped. . . .

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