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ENTWINED is a new erotica series in partnership with the L. Perkins Agency, bringing together allstar authors and fans into a single, immersive experience. In each volume, one awardwinning author contributes the opening scene to a new erotic adventure. But when the heroine reaches a decision point, the narrative fractures into wildly different pathways. From hardcore BDSM to lighter, more romantic fare, and all of the shades in between, readers can explore highquality fractures, each written by an awardwinning erotica author in her own genre. The series is supported by a robust community site, which includes elements of fan fiction, contests, and voting. Opening chapters are available, and readers are invited to write, share and vote on fangenerated fractures. The best authors will be invited to contribute to future volumes in the series. So what are you waiting for Go ahead. Choose your own happy ending, and get ENTWINED. Again. And again.

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