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Since the death of her husband in the Civil War, Nettie has been left to fend for herself, which is no small task for a woman in Montana in 1867. Desperate to escape the clutches of the local saloon owner, she flees into the woods, but living off the land proves much more difficult than she hoped. Seeing no other option, she resorts to stealing food from Jack Abrams, a gruff mountain man who lives in a cabin and earns a living as a trapper.
Jack doesn’t look kindly on being stolen from, and when she is caught red-­handed Nettie quickly finds herself lying naked over his knee for a long, hard spanking. To her surprise, however, after her punishment Jack offers her food and shelter in return for cooking, cleaning, and doing as she is told. But Nettie is determined to never rely on a man again, and she insists on trying once more to make it on her own. Though irritated by her stubbornness, Jack cannot help feeling protective of Nettie, and he takes it upon himself to keep her safe. . . .

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