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Luetta Johnson and Alberta Samms travel their neighborhood in an old blue Cadillac, touching many lives. They become blessedly free from two societally scarred spouses who wreak havoc on them, their children and the community. They tend their church, their garden and their Queendom touching broken souls, sometimes scolding, other times upholding. One husband becomes a statistic at a national park and the other succumbs under rare circumstances at the hands of his widow. Does learning the reason for becoming a widow make Luetta an accomplice to murder and Alberta a murderer? With a minimum of formal education but postgraduate degrees in mother wit, Samms and Johnson interact with everyone from officials to the homeless person needing bus fare. They scorn the misuse of the system and their sensibilities, while being titillated by a saucy friends skirmish in jail and the comeuppance of jack-­legged preachers. Adventures from sharing a pew, to singing a solo, to sampling fabric, or a . . .

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