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There's nothing like a good spanking - customers have proved that this is a bestselling theme. Xcite editor Miranda Forbes has selected 20 more bottom-­tingling stories to make your buttocks blush in this third volume of naughty treats! Spanking has never been so popular.

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A collection of five erotic stories with mixed spanking themes. Once More With Feeling by Teresa Joseph Sally has an ulterior motive for taking on the part of rebellious Yolanda in a play about her life. For Yolanda is made to taste the cane at the hands of a cruel schoolmistress, and Sally has always dreamed of being chastised before an audience. When the other cast members see how much Sally is getting into the part, they cant resist indulging their own fantasies of receiving corporal punishment. In Praise of Older Women by Laurel Aspen When the train lurches and Annette escapes injury in the safety of Jakes lap, she admits its not the first time shes found herself over a mans knee. Neglected by her husband, she believes this cute younger man can help her rediscover the thrill of being soundly disciplined. What she doesnt expect is that Jake will have quite so many wicked tricks up his sleeve... Four and a Half Acre Wood by Congressio The woods in autumn are beautiful and . . .

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