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Please join us in another edition of novel excerpts, recipes, and personal tidbits for our holidaythemed Sizzlers Edition, Hot Toddy Sizzlers. We'd like to introduce ourselves, starting with new contributor Janelle Taylor. Yes, that Janelle Taylor Janelle Taylor has over 60 million copies of her books in print worldwide and has sold in more than 50 languages. She is available in English and most foreign languages, Braille, audio, and all electronic formats. She has been on the New York bestsellers list 9 times. Janelle's 50th book was published by KensingtonZebra in July, 2010. She has 50 original full length books, 4 novellas, three 3book collections, and contributions to other authors' books as well. Elaine Raco Chase believes love and laughter make perfect bedfellows. She writes sexy romantic comedies and 'sarcastic' mysteries which have now been expanded and updated for ebooks. Elaine has published sixteen bestselling print novels in romance and mystery genre as well as the . . .

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