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“­You can’­t put it down. … a riveting thriller … Ham has created a serial killer who will haunt your nightmares. … a mesmerizing book …­” —­Florida Today Book Review When seventeen-­year-­old honor student Sara Ann Riley mysteriously vanishes from the driveway of her Cocoa Beach, Florida, home, her family is devastated. Sara’­s parents, Adam and Valerie, are hopeful that she’­ll return home alive. But days later, Sara’­s nude body is discovered; the killer has carved the initials CXJ into her forehead. The terror for this small town escalates when the killer abducts and kills Tami Breckenridge. The details of both Sara’­s and Tami’­s murders resemble that of a case from twelve years ago when a Magee, Mississippi, teenager was found strangled in 1989 with the same initials inscribed on her forehead. With few clues available, local authorities call on the FBI for assistance . . .

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