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According to Wikipedia: "Randall Parrish (1858-­1923) was an American author of dime novels, including Wolves of the Sea (Being a Tale of the Colonies from the Manuscript of One Geoffry Carlyle, Seaman, Narrating Certain Strange Adventures Which Befell Him Aboard the Pirate Craft "Namur").­"

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Crooks steal. Villains kill. Bad boys take what they want.

“The only thing to fear is fear itself.­”
Whoever said that has never met Blake.

He scares me from the moment he steps into my bar.
I can’t decide if he’s the man of my dreams or my worst nightmare.

I never imagined I’d land in his bed.
But it doesn’t take long before I’m begging to stay.

Until I find out he’s no better than the man from my past,
The one coercing me into a life of crime
That I’ll never escape.

I have to decide:
Is Blake truly a demon?
Or is it just that he’s hotter than hell?

I do three things well: fight, f**k, and leave.
And I always stick to what I’m good at.

When I see Sarah, I want her right away.
She’s a redhead, rowdy, and ripe for the taking.

At first, she protests when I make her mine.
But it doesn’t take long before “No” becomes “Oh!­”

The only problem is, there’s a stalker lurking in her shadow.
A predator hunting her down.

She’s got a simple . . .

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It was the early springtime, and my history tells me the year was 1832, although now that seems so far away I almost hesitate to write the date. It appears surprising that through the haze of all those intervening years-­intensely active years with me-­I should now be able to recall so clearly the scene of that far-­off morning of my youth, and depict in memory each minor detail. Yet, as you read on, and realize yourself the stirring events resulting from that idle moment, you may be able to comprehend the deep impression left upon my mind, which no cycle of time could ever erase. I was barely twenty then, a strong, almost headstrong boy, and the far wilderness was still very new to me, although for two years past I had held army commission and been assigned to duty in frontier forts. Yet never previously had I been stationed at quite so isolated an outpost of civilization as was this combination of rock and log defense erected at the southern extremity of Rock Island, fairly . . .

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Harry Ludlow, forced out of the Royal Navy, becomes a privateer in partnership with his younger brother James. But for the Ludlows, murder and intrigue take more of their time than hunting fat trading vessels. Harry and James find themselves aboard the Navy's 74-­gun Magnanime. In command is a captain with whom Harry has crossed swords in the past. When James is found standing over the body of a dead officer, Harry's feud shifts into the background.

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