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"Good morning, thanks for the amazing night! By the way, I'm kind of a big deal, and I'll be very irritated if I read about it while skimming tabloids in the checkout line.­" Norah Castle's life as a triple-­platinum recording artist and celebrity is complicated enough, even before her mother's death forces her return to the small town she once abandoned, something she swore would never happen. She thinks dispensing with her stage name and donning a disguise in the interest of privacy might make things less complicated, but that's before she meets a gorgeous man in a bar and decides to bring him home. What could be simpler than a sexy- very sexy- one-­night stand? Plenty of things, as it turns out. Apparently the bold stranger who did such dirty, dirty things to her in the dark is sweet and shy once the sun comes up. Even worse, that sweetness makes her feel something when she'd prefer to never feel anything at all. As she struggles to accept her new emotions and reconcile the small . . .

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Sometimes a chance encounter is the beginning of a story; sometimes it's just the end of one. When David meets a stranger on an empty subway car, the June night isn't the only thing that's hot...

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Those who can, do; those who can't, teach. When his brother Jared becomes a substitute at Evan's school and draws the eye of a certain student, jealousy and lust combine and ignite. Leah must be taught a lesson, and after all... That is his job. This short story contains heavy erotic scenes including spanking, bondage and sex with an authority figure. Please be advised.

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