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A stunning collection of erotic stories with mixed themes including menage, fem dom, lesbian and voyeur. Healthy Addictions by Olivia London Her sister warned her about her friend Leonora, who prefers to be called Lee, but its too late because Meg has already fallen " hook, line and sinker " for the gal who puts sex as her number one thing to do. At the tender age of 26 Lee is a cougar before her time and Meg is more than willing to be her prey. Besides, some addictions are far too good to give up. Sexual Communication by Landon Dixon Chester had been warned about making noise before by the shrew who managed the rundown rooming house. Only problem was, the place had paperthin walls and cardboard floors, doors and ceilings. Hardly conducive to the loud, raunchy sex he and Agnes engaged in. And while the rest of the country was imbibing richly in the Jazz Age, for Chester, an aspiring newspaperman, the crummy rooming house off 32nd Street was all he could afford. Tone it down, or . . .

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