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A collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes including werewolf, witches, magic and historical. Animal Attraction by Lucy Felthouse When Rayne went out for her daily run, the last thing she expected was to find a naked guy in the woods, with no idea how he got there. Taking the guy home to get fed, watered and clothed, Rayne discovers that theres much more to Claude than meets the eye. After a little digging, Rayne realises she can help solve his mystery " but shell have to divulge her darkest secrets in the process. Luckily, Claude takes it well and an emotionally charged moment turns erotic. Soon, Rayne is thanking her lucky stars that she ran through the woods that day. Familiar by Sommer Marsden Sarahs set to come into her witch powers at 25. Because as her mother once told her its 25 because youre too stupid to have power before that. And 25 is still iffy. Since her parents are gone, Sarahs inherited enough money to comfortably live on and her mothers familiar, . . .

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