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If you’re struggling with employment issues, you can’t afford to wait years to improve your situation. You need answers NOW. In Employment Rage, corporate recruiter and author Howard Adamsky maps out new and effective strategies to help you reclaim what you’ve lost: self-­respect, ego, employment, and a sense of purpose. Far more than a self-­help book, this is a manuscript of ideas and insights for people who are sick and tired of compromised employment and lost dreams. As his own story demonstrates, even an employment expert like Adamsky is not immune to the misery of this economy. He knows your pain, because he’s been there and is slowly ascending to better places. He knows the ropes of getting hired, understands what works, and explains how to make hiring managers notice YOU. The tools and ideas in Employment Rage include a special section on social media. Why? Because today, success often depends upon our ability to reach out and join the new communities that give us what we . . .

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