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Since iCarmillai in 1872 25 years before Stoker's iDraculai, lesbian vampires have been a literary staple. The twining of female sexual desire with danger and deviance has been a common theme for a century or more. We're continuing that tradition with this anthology featuring those other ladies of the night. Sensuous but deadly, like velvet draped over razor wire, these literal ifemme fatalesi will draw you in, have their way with you, and leave you gasping for more. First, in i27 Daysi, when Sarah meets Mary at an otherwise boring dinner party, she's determined to have her for more than a onedrinkstand. Too bad Sarah's maker is the jealous type and wants to have Sarah to herself for eternity Then, in iBloody Flowersi, vampire lovers Merigold and Helene share their bed"and their bodies"with the lovely Diana after picking her up at a club. But Diana knows more than she lets on, and the pair are very quickly drawn into a power struggle that, for Helene at least, stretches back . . .

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