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A collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes and explicit sex. In The Back Seat by Esmeralda Greene Jakes gorgeous sister in law, Barb, has always flirted with him outrageously, but he is happily married to Ann and immune to her charms. Then Barb ropes them in to help her move house and she privately offers Jake a very naughty payment in kind. He has no intention of accepting her offer, but on the journey between Barbs house and the storage facility, he is forced to reconsider. The Den of Beatrix by Giselle Renarde Tom and Perdy are content in their marriage until Perdy becomes obsessed with Beatrix, the check out girl at the drugstore. Beatrix is a lesbian and Perdy thinks that she might be one too, so Tom suggests she ask Beatrix if the two of them can spend the night together " Tom will watch, but not participate. Beatrix agrees but the evening does not turn out quite as Perdy and Tom have planned. 3D Porn by Ray Cluley Fiona belongs to Hadley, his flatmate, and he . . .

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