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The Five Minute Fantasies series offers arousing fiction for the discerning reader. Twenty erotic short stories by bestselling authors including Gwen Masters, Jeremy Edwards, Kitti Bernetti and Landon Dixon. Indulge, enjoy and come back for more with these five minutes stories that will get you out of day mode and straight into play mode!

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A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and varied themes. Cherry Strudel " Astrid L. Bruno knew what it took to make the perfect cherry strudel and he would teach Lucia everything that he knew. He took her through each stage, making sure that she got it right, even down to demonstrating the kneading motion on her. He promised Lucia that she could taste it when it was finished " but she couldnt wait that long.. On Your Marks " Phoebe Grafton It was another boring Saturday night and she is left with just one thought in her mind. Surely there has to be more to life than this. She soon finds that there is and it involves pirates, rugged captains and sex on the high seas. It will be a Saturday night to remember. Boss Leggy " Landon Dixon Kevin has always considered himself a leg man and when his boss catches him unashamedly admiring her gorgeous limbs she orders him to worship them. What else could he do She was the boss after all. He was just following orders. Mail Order . . .

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