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Twenty more buttock blushing stories that will whip up your excitement! Miranda Forbes is a girl who knows a thing or two about spanking and she has selected the very best stories for you. The Guardian Angel Carole Archer Rubious Marissa Moon Bottoms Up Kristina Wright The Confidante Roger Frank Selby Shopaholic Laurel Aspen “But I Meant To Pay For It!­” Teresa Joseph After Party Cyanne Merrilee Gets Into Trouble In The Park Eleanor Powell Ev’rybody Get Together Landon Dixon Mr O’Connor’s Office Ava Rose Johnson Victoria Pleases Her Headmistress Angela Meadows Noisy Neighbours Teresa Joseph Adult Education Elizabeth Coldwell Aviatricks Roger Frank Selby A Taste Of Punishment DMW Carol Harsher Measures Laurel Aspen Pride And

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A collection of five erotic stories with mixed spanking themes. Harsher Measures " Laurel Aspen Just because theres an age gap in my relationship with Sophie doesnt mean Im just a dirty old man. Weve two people of a like mind who enjoy a few harsher measures in our fantasies. Whats wrong with that As youll find out, she loves a good spanking almost as much as I love giving her one... Pride and Preference " Roz Macleod When Nick comes back into Lindseys life, she wonders if their affair would continue or if things had changed beyond repair. Their chemistry had always been explosive and she hadnt stopped thinking of him over the past two years. But when they get together again, will things ever be the same Domestic Discipline " Stephen Albrow Amy knew she was playing with fire when she decided to play on Peters jealous nature. Having started a new job at a building firm she thought it would be fun to flaunt her assets and get her husband all wound up. Little did she know just how . . .

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