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It may be stated, on the highest authority, that the special passage alluded to in the opening stanza, cannot be identified, but it is Goethe?­s creed.

St. Augustine wrote, that we can rise higher on the ladder of life, by trampling down our vices. His words, in a Sermon on the Ascension, are, De vitiis nostris scalam nobis facimus, si vitia ipsa calcamus.

Longfellow published a Poem, not earlier than 1842, which he called ?­The Ladder of St. Augustine;? and more recently, Lowell, another American Poet, and Minister Plenipotentiary in London, adopted a similar idea when he said,

[Pg 2] ??­Tis sorrow builds the shining ladder up,
Whose golden rounds are our calamities,
Whereon our feet firm planting, nearer God
The spirit climbs, and hath its eyes unseal?­d.?

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