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Work from the respected writer, expounder of Darwinism and pioneer in Canadian science fiction.

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Collection of essays, first published in 1889. According to Wikipedia: "Charles Grant Blairfindie Allen (February 24, 1848 October 25, 1899) was a science writer, author and novelist, and a successful upholder of the theory of evolution... In his career.­"

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An ancient and famous human institution is in pressing danger. Sir George Campbell has set his face against the time-­honoured practice of Falling in Love. Parents innumerable, it is true, have set their faces against it already from immemorial antiquity; but then they only attacked the particular instance, without venturing to impugn the institution itself on general principles. An old Indian administrator, however, goes to work in all things on a different pattern. He would always like to regulate human life generally as a department of the India Office; and so Sir George Campbell would fain have husbands and wives selected for one anOther (perhaps on Dr. Johnson's principle, by the Lord Chancellor) with a view to the future development of the race, in the process which he not very felicitously or elegantly describes as 'man-­breeding.­' 'Probably,­' he says, as reported in Nature, 'we have enough physiological knowledge to effect a vast improvement in the pairing of individuals of . . .

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