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William the Conquer, the King of England has ordered his trusted knight, Tristan of Ramsey to marry Lady Lysette of Coventry. She is the niece of Lady Godiva and cousin to Hereward the Wake. Wake is an enemy to the king and word is spreading that he has plans for a revolt in the Midlands. By aligning Tristan with Lysette, William hopes to avoid another bloody battle. Tristan will do as his liege orders but he will protect his heart from his beautiful bride. When she arrive she realizes she is a weakness he can not afford to indulge. She is charming and likes to ramble and yet his heart decides to pay attention to her charming and artless personality. But, when Lysette is kidnapped by Hereward as a way of forcing Tristan's to abandon his support of the king, he realizes what started as a political match has become a love match and he will not stop until he has his bride back in his arms where she belongs even if it means defying his king.

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