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Galaxy FeverPiper LeighI didnt mean to poison Dex. Its just one of those unavoidable accidents that can happen at an alien wedding. After all you never really know what youre eating on space stations in foreign galaxies. But he pulled through none the worse for wear. In fact hes a lot more…amorous…since coming out of his stupor. Lucky me considering Ive had a massive crush on Dex for what seems like forever. And who am I to waste an opportunity? Hot space-­station sex is the perfect way to celebrate the massive jewelry commission we just scored from our alien host.­Now Im usually a pretty perceptive girl. But you dont notice certain things when youre boffing your business partners brains outlike someone sneaking into our room and stealing the jewels for the aforementioned commission. Now were running on empty as we scour the station in an effort to help unmask the thief. Thats not cooling Dexs ardor however (if you havent tried an alleyway quickie I highly recommend it).­Hmm… Maybe . . .

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Author: S. P. DriverYear published: 19981 downloads in the last monthDownload Ebook: (PDF) (EPUB)

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