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This is a totally hot, sexy anthology, full of good writing, fun scenes, and memorable characters ... The Black Lily by Elizabeth Coldwell Notorious jewel thief, The Black Lily, is planning one last heist before she retires, and she has her sights on the jewelled chastity belt created by hot young artist Jasper Spence. She plans to lift the belt on the opening night of Spence's latest exhibition, but when she comes face to face with the submissive beauty chosen to model it, she finds the object of her desire changing rapidly... Suspicion by Beverly Langland Dutiful wife Helen is suspicious of young Jodie, the latest in a plethora of assistants her sophisticated husband has employed. This time Helen is jealous. Of course, she blames Elvis. Without his constant badgering, she may have turned a blind eye, as usual. Unable to compete with the beauty, she uses the only weapon in her armoury. She entices Jodie to her bedroom with the intention of humiliating and spanking the girl. . . .

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