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Free Holiday Cookbook Food and reading are two of lifes greatest pleasures. From the sweetness of chocolate on your lips to the feel of a crisp page as you flip it over...­both offer a unique level of satisfaction. Taste and text have long been capable of transporting people to another time and place, and our large selection of ebooks already offer our readers an erotic escape. But at Evernight Publishing, we thought, what better way than to combine the two We asked our authors to step away from their latest plot and send us their favorite recipes. The end result was Evernights Naughty Nibbles"our holiday gift to you. From savory treats to decadent desserts, theres a recipe in here to tempt even the fussiest of palates. Weve also included a special selection of best loved cocktails to get you in the holiday mood Some of our authors may not be familiar around an oven but they do know a thing or two about mixing a drink. So go on, whip something upEvernight style.

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