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Corvo and Ardn are back in this standalone story that follows them from Ardn's homeworld of Biryan to a new planet. Corvo has been called in to arbitrate a situation on the planet Varosa that is on the brink of becoming a civil war. Added to the intricacies of negotiations are Corvo and Ardn's own problems. Ardn's peculiar status as a slave, and yet not a slave, is still not resolved to his or Corvo's satisfaction, and when things begin to go wrong on Varosa, Ardn just might have to face the baggage he's been carrying around for years. Can Corvo and Ardn come out of the volatile situation not only alive, but with their relationship intact Or is everything about to come to pieces Corvo and Ardn have appeared in Brown Grisaille in Sand and Sunset and Pentimento Poppy

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