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Nothing improves bad behavior like a hard spanking. And if stories of hard, genuine punishment spankings are your thing then youll love the stories in Behavior Modification. Ranging from firm to severe, the spankings in these stories are realistic and written in lurid detail designed to have you squirming in your seat. From the naughty girlfriend who defies her conventional boyfriends order to not get another tattoo to the coach who motivates his allgirl college team with paddling to punishment for a pantythief, to the college student who returns home to find that the disciplinary guidelines havent changed, each blistering tale is sure to please. Red Tattoos Nathan loved Emily and he helped her out of some selfdestructive behaviors with hard punishment spankings, not to be confused with the goodgirl spankings they both enjoyed. When a goodgirl spanking leads to the discovery of a new tattoo, it becomes a severe punishment spanking. Relay Paddling When they loafed or otherwise . . .

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