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Book 2 in the Were Watching series It takes a lot to bowl over an alpha werewolf, especially Ziggy, who neither wants nor needs a mate. But the second he sees Summer, he's on her like a dog on a bone. And if protection is what she needs, she's getting the upcloseandpersonal version"247. In bed and out. Hot attraction flares between the two as Ziggy comes to terms with a horrific incident that haunts him and Summer recovers from an attack by an exlover that almost killed her. Summer is a revelation to Ziggy. Mindblowing intimacy and sex hot enough to leave him gasping and ravenous for more have the tough exsoldier learning a gentle lesson or two"about the joys of snuggling, and what it's like to want a woman so badly your gut tears in two at the thought of losing her. But if Ziggy wants more from Summer, he needs to come to terms with his past and make up his mind"fast He's going to have to fight for his mateto the death.

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