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Warning Contains scenes of explicit sex. Having served two tours of duty as a combat medic in Afghanistan Harry had seen some terrible things. He was managing to barely keep it together on the outside, but on the inside he was a whirlwind of wounded voices. He was a man in serious need of some sexual healing. To add to his difficulties he was finding it hard to adjust to civilian life. Thirtyfive applications for jobs in the medical field had gone nowhere; hed had some interviews, but no one would hire him. He was getting desperate. When he first saw the notice for the House of Roosters he was kind of tempted. After all these were women who wanted men, roosters, to satisfy their sexual needs and fulfill their fantasies. Sounded like just the place to get some sexual healing. But a cynical part of him put the kibosh on that. Yeah, right, a bunch of women looking for boy toys is going to make you all better, it said. But as Harrys desperation grew other parts took over and he sent . . .

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