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Arabella is a simple country lass. Until, that is, the day she's captured into Lord Thayer's "coterie.­" Then her life changes forever. She is now part of a stable, trained and disciplined to be one of the lord's "mares,­" eventually to be given the highest honor of being publicly served by "stallion" Prince Sajan at the kingdom's spring festival. A true classic of the "pony girl" genre.

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Arabella is a simple country lass, until the day she is captured into Lord Thayer's "coterie.­" Her life quickly becomes very very different. She is now in her lords stable, sexually trained and erotically disciplined to become one of the Lord's mares. Then Arabella is informed that the highest honor in the land is to be hers she is to be the virgin who is put to the "stallion,­" Prince Sajan, publicaly at the kingdoms spring festival. This book is a true classic in the erotic BDSM genre. It is very very explicit, without being as harsh as many in the genre. If you liked Anne Rice's Beauty Series, you'll LOVE Arabella.

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