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Aten, immortal pharaoh of the Two Kingdoms, keeps his eternal good looks by sucking the blood of innocents. Everyone knows it. His very existence is a blasphemy against the gods. So when Seth, a priest of Ra, is told to assassinate this tyrant at the masquerade celebration during the Festival of Opet, he accepts the task without questioning it. He seduces Aten and waits until they're in the privacy of the pharaoh's bedchamber before he strikes, driving a stake into Aten's chest. But Aten doesnt die. The stake shatters without even leaving a scratch, and Aten laughs at him for the attempt. Seth expects to be executed for treason, but neither man can deny their attraction, and Aten's intrigued by Seth's misguided desire to see him dead. He challenges Seth to stay, to see if he can find a way to kill him"and maybe to see that he's not the man people say he is. The longer Seth remains, the more he struggles with his convictions. Is it possible that all the rumors are wrong Can a man . . .

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