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Crack shot black belt and sharp as a tackspunky P.­I. Desdemona loves her job and the Michigan home she shares with her quirky aunt. Business is booming what with getting the goods on cheating husbands investigating fake accidents and tracking down a missing teenage witch. And she's dating a terrific guy so even her love life looks rosy. All is right with her world.­Until an incredible stranger arrives and turns her life upside down. Sexy Parisian Armand Bellamy invades her home by day and her dreams by night pushing Desy to accept two new truths:­She's a witch…and she belongs to him.

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It's the year 2037 and unemployed empath Isabelle Pentriss from Earth answers a job advertisement on the planet Fortuna--­a planet where she's shocked to discover nudity and sex are openly enjoyed in complete freedom.­Three Fortunian males soon heatedly pursue her: a drop-­dead gorgeous prince who claims Isabelle is his prophesized bonded mate; his cousin, an Adonis who woos with wicked smiles and stolen kisses; and the commander of the royal guard, who invokes the bond challenge--­one full day and night spent in his company...­alone together. Choices, choices.­All these men, a new job, AND a murder mystery to solve with her psychic skills. Oh my, Isabelle will be a very busy girl indeed.­Review quotes for Empath Wanted by Jacqueline Meadows"...­fun read that will have you laughing when you least expect it, panting from the sizzling love scenes...­the story flowed smoothly, the plot unique and all characters were very likeable...­"~Lisa Lambrecht, In the Library Reviews"...­fast, . . .

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He wants more than she's givinghe wants all of her.­She wants to slow things down.­Powerful witch Armand Bellamy moved from Paris to the Motor City to pursue Desdemona sassy PI and reluctant sorceress. As Desy sleuths cases of jewelry theft at a riverfront hotel and of a crafty real estate agent suspected of adultery she foresees neither the upcoming conflict with a sanity-­impaired Wiccan Priest nor that the winding road of her relationship with Armand is paved with a six-­foot-­one blond-­haired blue-­eyed speed bump.­Nick Sage Desy's business partner and best friend since childhood separates from his wifeand is intent on claiming Desy as his own.

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