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Minka ditched her abusive boyfriend 
after he threw one too many punches.  
While moving into a quiet apartment, 
she meets her hot new neighbor, Sven.  
They hit it off, and Minka wants more. 
But Joe is watching, and he hates her 
new romance. With her ex stalking her, Minka flees. 
Unfortunately, she's already falling for 
Sven whose own secrets will put Minka 
in terrible danger.  Can she get out of this alive? And will 
she finally learn to trust someone new?

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Protected federal witness Carlos DAlejandro and Special Agent Jade Lazlow"Whinton have had a relationship of convenience over the years. Jades retired, but when her estranged husband needs her, he uses her attachment to the enigmatic Carlos to lure her back into the field. When she recovers from nearfatal wounds and discovers the deceit, she goes to the one man who will never lie to her. Carlos. The idyllic Pacific island paradise DAlejandro calls home is the stuff of fantasy, but it isnt long before reality knocks on the door and shatters their peace. The news is grim. People they loved have been killed, and these two unlikely lovers are forced to face a truth neither of them has been willing to examine too closely"that their passion is more than intense attraction.

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A forty-­year old African American woman gets seduced by a younger, richer man in Seoul, KR.   Empress Galliano has her hands full when she signs on to be an interpreter for a twenty-­four-­year old billionaire. She knows it won't be easy to win the trust of someone who's never had to deal with an American before. She's had her share of difficult men before, but five minutes in Jin Yong Lee's company and she wants to spank him. He's arrogant, condescending and possibly the most intelligent young man she's come across in a long time. Will they be able to get along in the United States or will they cause an international incident?

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