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Let Miranda Forbes seduce you with 20 delightfully erotic stories from some of the sauciest erotic writers. From thrilling threesomes to dirty deeds Down Under, you're sure to be seduced by this sizzling anthology.   Lisa’s Lessons by Izzy FrenchMum has just come to terms with her gay son’s first boyfriend, when she discovered the boyfriend’s not gay after all. Just very patient and very, very horny.­When Penny Met Daniel by Judith RoycroftWhen Penny finds she’s time traveled a century into the future, she makes up her mind to have some fun. The only problem is, the kind of fun she fancies has been banned. What is a modern girl supposed to do now?­Whack! By Ivana ChopskiAmanda promises Brian a night to remember, with a big surprise at the end of it. And she delivers.­Alley Kat by Alcamia PayneStray cats aren’t the only ones who like having rough sex in dark and dingy alleyways. Stray girls sometimes follow them there, with the stray boys who’ll never say no.­Office Crush by Sadie . . .

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A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and varied themes. To Fly An Eagle by J Manx Every new generation thinks it invented sex anew, and every old one quietly smiles and thinks, if only you knew. A grandma recalls her first flying lessons with a handsome American pilot. Well, he called it flying. Fire Down Below by Landon Dixon A Peeping Tom Park Ranger gives a suitable reprimand to a couple of skinny dipping campers, only to discover that hes not the only horny firewatcher who knows how to use a pair of binoculars. Insomnia by Karyn Winter Sleeplessness is a bitch to beat, but its even worse if the only thing you want in the world is an orgasm the one thing that your partner has decided you cannot have. Candle Light by January James Its hard when youre just starting up your own business. But the man whos waiting at home for you is going to be even harder. Tuesday makes amends to her husband for her absences. Meeting Mister M by Evalina Frances Two online lovers meet for . . .

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