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When pretty 37yearold divorcee Joannie agrees to design and make the wedding dress for her friend Trudy's daughter, she's not counting on the bridetobe to turn into a brat so bratty, in fact, that Joannie snaps and spanks the young woman. Joannie is afraid that her friend Trudy will be angry at her for spanking her daughter, but as it turns out Trudy is a big advocate of spanking. And when Joannie confides in her older friend that she's curious about that form of punishment herself, Trudy is more than willing to give Joannie a taste of her own medicine and then some. "Joannie Gives and Gets" is just one story in a collection of the hottest FF spanking stories you'll find anywhere. Available in ebook format for the first time, this CF compilation will have you squirming in your seat.

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