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hundred years ago An independent, modern woman who hears, then writes the stories of dead people What's a writer to do when Captain Robert Walton of Frankenstein fame suddenly shows up, claiming to be real, alive, but trapped in the Arctic ice After Kara Godwin gets over her initial shock, she does what any selfrespecting author would do. She writes the story, publishes it and tries to ignore the ghost that has invaded her life. She knows he is the one man who can truly satisfy her dark desires. Too bad he is only a figment of her lustful imagination. But the Captain is real, and he wants more than just her stories. He wants Karabody, heart, and soul.

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She seduced the wrong captain, and that's just the beginning. Cole Carleton, captain of the cruise ship Sunset, decides to capture Tania's heart after she mistakenly seduced his twin brother. After a night they’ll never forget, he finds out what really brought her aboard in the first place. Is Tania only using him to rescue her sister from her captors? Or is their sizzling attraction real? Purchase the book at Smashwords.­com 91983 (approximate) 2015 by Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Romance, Action/adventure English

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