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Way back when, when you needed to tell that special someone how you felt instead of writing a note you put together a compilation cassette tape of MUSIC. Songs that reminded you of that special someone, songs that told them how you felt so you didn't have to say it to their face just in case they didn't feel the same. Volume Four's play list "Subtle Innuendos" by Z. Allora "True Colors" by Jambrea Jo Jones "Running Up That Hill" by Barry Brennessel "When I See You Smile" by Karenna Colcroft "Nothings Going To Change My Love For You" by Pelaam "Can't Let Go" by C.­R. Guiliano "Changeless" by Cherie Noel So sit back, curl up with your eReader of choice and as Frankie told us in the 80s Relax.

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