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A collection of five mixed erotic stories with a central themes of threesomes. ThreeforAll by Emma Richardson Rick and Molly are deliciously in love " and definitely in lust. So its not as though these two gorgeous young New Yorkers wouldnt have a good time on Ricks birthday no matter what. Its just that Molly wants to give Rick an extra special present tonight. As she stands on the balcony with him, feeling the cool night air kiss the skin above the tops of her sheer black stockings, she catches a glimpse of the party inside and spots a young woman they havent met " the shy, blushcheeked Rose " and she has an idea ... Classifieds by Darla White On a rare afternoon off, Jules finds herself answering an ad in the local paper under the Personals section. That very afternoon Jules arranges to meet with the mysterious and very kinky Mr and Mrs Gray at a seedy motel on the wrong side of town. Intrigued and apprehensive, Jules arrives at the motel, unsure of what to expect as she . . .

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