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A collection of five lustful lesbian shorts involving; a secret crush, a body modification and a chocolate fountain.­Escaping Mundanity - Kev 'Mitnik' BlisseKelly wants to escape the monotony of the daily grind, the 9 to 5 routine had gotten old quickly. Life with her boyfriend is getting dull and she just needs something more, Enter the vivacious Tracey who turns her world upside down.­Leaving Minnesota - Olivia LondonMidwestern girl finds love - and great sex - en route to San FranciscoAfter the Night Out - Scarlett knightCara has kept her crush on friend Rene a total secret. But when she and Rene return to Cara's place after a night of partying, their friendship takes a steamy turn as their true feelings for one another come out.­Dip It Low - Lucy FelthouseJane is a waitress, and has been left cleaning up the mess after a high-­society party in a stately home. She's still not done when her girlfriend, Shelley, turns up to drive her home. Inviting her...

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