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Welcome to the world of Weird Science, the strange marries with gay romance to produce eight stories that combine humor, the paranormal and love. Doctor Tentacles and the Pheromone Incident by Liz Brooks shows Carter playing the mad scientist, Dr. Tentacle, but no one draws his eye or his nose like the new intern, David. In Frog, Kiernan Kelly presents George, a college student with a brilliant mind. When a cutting edge experiment goes wrong, hes left with an unusual result that tests the strength of his relationship with his lover. In Aidee Ladniers The Applicant, Dr. Forbes Pohle knows interviewing lab assistants can be a tedious process luckily the malfunctioning robot bear in the other room helps liven things up. Meanwhile, in Kevinium by Diane Sheridan, Matt lusts for hunky housemate Kevin, who sees Matt only as a buddy. Then Kevin invents a new gas that has surprising sexual side effects. In Test Subjects by M. Durango, An ESP project introduces grad student Evan to sexy . . .

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