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Mighty Maths is a series of workbooks designed to support the Mathematics Curriculum. They provide students with reinforcement and extension to their normal school mathematics lessons. This allows students to maintain the skills that they already have and helps to overcome any weaknesses. By complementing school lessons, Mighty Maths helps students to develop faster in maths, and gives them a "head start" in class. Mighty Maths is written by Kim Freeman.­The BEGINNER MATHEMATICIAN series is recommended for the 4 - 6 years old age group. It can either be purchased as four 32 page books or one 96 page compendium. The pages help children learn how to count and write the numbers up to 20 as well as complete simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. By learning these basic concepts and what they mean, students have a head start when it comes to learning maths at school. The books in this series all have a distinctive . . .

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This volume provides a succinct summary of what Korean experts know and how they view the problems the country must overcome to continue on its road to the top rungs of economic success.

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Clicker training can strengthen your bond with your horse and open the floodgates for equine learning. Using a clicker as a simple but precise communication tool eliminates pushy and nippy behavior, improves your horse's attitude and even helps with general horse manners around the barn and on his back. Watch your horse become your vet and farrier's favorite!

This fun guide simplifies the jargon and science of operant conditioning down to easy-­to-­follow steps and tips for the ABCs of horse clicker training.

Learning to click with your horse
Creating an Alphabet
Building Bridges
Timing is everything
Is the Clicker necessary?
What should I use for rewards?
What if my horse is nippy?

Loading the Clicker
Rules of the Game
What Every Horse Should Know
Back Up
Head Down
Horse Body Language
Feeding Time
Whoa vs. No

Taking your horse clicker training to new levels
Beyond fun horse tricks
Practical applications . . .

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