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20 bottom-­tingling stories to make your buttocks blush! Miranda Forbes has chosen only the finest and sauciest tales in compiling this sumptuous book of naughty treats! Spanking has never been so popular. Find out why ...

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A collection of five varied spanking stories How To Spank Me by Shanna Germain Want your man to give you the most delicious spanking of your life Then carefully write out the instructions you want him to follow. As the author of this intimate confession describes her husband coming home to see her waiting patiently for him in her tight white panties, she knows he wont be able to resist... Love, Honour And Obey by DMW Carol Jos longedfor romantic evening is spoiled when her husband decides to work late without telling her. She knows what would cure him of his rudeness is an oldfashioned six of the best, but will she really go through with her plan to beat some manners into him Dont Mess With The Dean by Eva Hore When she spies on her flatmate getting a spanking, she cant believe how exciting she finds it, or how much it makes her crave a punishment of her own. But what she really isnt prepared for is the identity of the expert disciplinarian on the other side of the bedroom door. . . .

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